2020 28 Feb
The Sinking of the Essex

In August 1819 the 238 ton whaleship Essex sailed from Nantucket, Massachusetts beginning a planned two-and-a-half year voyage to the rich “whaling grounds” of the South Pacific . . .
2019 04 Dec
Angels over Pitcairn

The theme for the 2019 Christmas stamp issue is “Angels over Pitcairn”. Derived from the Latin meaning “messenger”, they are often defined in art as having extraordinary beauty and are often identified with wings, halos and light . . .
2015 15 Oct
2015 Definitives

October 15 2015 is exactly 75 years since the Pitcairn Islands released its first issue of postage stamps . . .

Set Formats

There are several different set formats that are available to our customers.  E.g. Single Mint,Two Mint, Block of Four etc.